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Family (noun)

Life’s greatest blessing, a group that dreams, laughs and plays together

Those, whom you can always count on, always present, not just in the good times, but also the tough times

We are the sum parts of our team

There is an old saying (might not be that old);
People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss
Everyone that builds their career with us, is recognised for their individual skills and ability to help us grow.
In turn we provide training, mentorship, financial support and incentives to maintain engagement and create an environment that makes the spectacle of work fair, fun and rewarding
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Aspen brings together expertise and experience gathered from the wide-ranging disciplines within the financial services industry. We believe that financial planning needs to incorporate the sophisticated knowledge required when navigating through the complexities of our fast changing industry, together with the skills to understand your needs and how the tools available to us, best meet your objectives.
We aim to provide clear and straightforward advice designed for your specific needs and where relevant we will work with your Accountant or Solicitor to make sure our advice is consistent across your entire financial situation.
Our expertise and experience continues to remain robust and relevant through a programme of structured higher professional qualifications.
We believe that the strength and resilience of our business lies in the long-standing relationships we establish with our clients. The key to creating a strong and sustainable future is to explain, teach, understand and review.
Together we will agree a review plan so that you know from the outset when and how we will maintain your expectations and create a consistent and relevant financial strategy for you.

Family Tree

Aspen Financial Services

The Principal of the group, directly Authorised and Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority.
Direct authorisation means that our clients can be confident that we are constantly and consistently auditted show and demonstrate that we have the continuous training, industry exams, permissions, licences, insurances and financial strength to provide robust and appropriate advice.


Aspen Wills and Trusts

Specifically designed to help our clients protect the interests of their family whatever life holds
Creating simple, effective planning for modern families, business owners and individuals concerned about their estate, inheritance tax and care planning; https://www.willwriting.today


Flamingo Financial

Flamingo Financial has a fantastic women only team of advisors
Designed and formulated by a growing team of inspiring women, in their words;
“We are here to help guide you through the confusing Mortgage, Protection and Business processes. Our clients can relax as we take care of everything and make the process of buying a home or protecting your family or business a stress free one!
Feel empowered to make those “big” financial decisions, http://www.flamingofinancial.co.uk/

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