New Year Resolutions


We all make them, but we almost never last until the end of January
Maybe, it’s time to forget the gym membership we’ll never use and ditch the diet we’ll never stick to
Let’s consider some habits with a real long-term advantage


Panic Saving and Borrowing

Roughly translated, I am talking about the credit card abuse most often around the Christmas period and the realisation that a summer holiday is beckoning
We either suddenly feel the need to cut down on spending to save over a couple of months, or dig out those ‘interest free’ credit cards

Starting a regular savings pattern is the most basic and beneficial financial decision you will ever make

Start with an amount that you feel comfortable with, so that you don’t stop it a month later

Every 6 or 12 months increase it slightly.  It is just as important to give your savings a pay rise, as it is to get one yourself


Why save?

First off, it instills a discipline that gets you used to putting money away for the future
When we say ‘future’, this can be 1 year or 20 years, it doesn’t matter, it is the discipline thats key


If you are borrowing to spend short-term, because you don’t have available money, How are you going to cope with the same income, but additional debt repayment next month?


Saving is Protecting

Shopping around for the cheapest mortgage rate is important, but that won’t help you keep your home in the case of redundancy, illness and retirement

What happens once you repay your mortgage?, how are you paying bills in retirement?




Check out those savings

Insurance policies, such as life, medical and critical illness policies are all risk driven

If you have stopped smoking, lost weight, or reduced your mortgage, you might get lower premiums

Some policies offer discounts elsewhere, like gyms, cinema’s holidays etc, offset existing expensives with freebies and perks


Don’t underestimate the costs of the unknown

  • Don’t just insure your mortgage – how will you cope with loss of income
  • What about recovery from an illness – having additional income covered means the pressure to return to work or find a job is taken care of


Live now, but remember your older self will one day judge you


Start saving – build your safety blanket

Review your policies – save, improve and re-assess

Invest your money – where will you wish you had invested in 5, 10 or 20 years time

Write that Will – a small amount of time for a life of piece of mind

Make a decision – the most self-empowering feeling is to make a positive change



Aspen Financial Services has met my requirements in every way. Mike gives an excellent service has great knowledge and has a personable/approachable manner. The charges are reasonable in comparison to others and although the service is friendly and it is also very professional at the same time.

The other benefits are Mike has a good comfortable office space with parking for any meetings and also has contacts and links to other financial business’s i.e mortgages, wills etc”

– Keith Robertson, Kingston


Prepare and Prevent don’t Repair and Repent

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