Team Bio's

Michael Bower – Independent Financial Adviser


I initially developed my knowledge of the banking systems and structure of financial services within the banking industry, working for Abbey National (as it was then) and The Woolwich

My skills and knowledge of the investment and pension market places were honed with a move to a city-based firm of Consulting Actuaries, working with the boards of large firms going through management buy-outs or closing Final Salary pensions.  My clients also included smaller businesses and single owner company directors. My role here was dedicated to Pensions and Investments, which included hedge funds, stock broking and portfolio wealth management.

My Role

I believe my role as a Financial Adviser is to guide clients through the complexities of their financial needs, helping them to see how the ever-changing financial and economic landscape affects them.

Money can create our deepest worries and visit upon us some challenging decisions. The ability to discuss concerns and hopes with a knowledgable, experienced adviser can have very real benefits and ease the process of taking and making decisions

When I’m not working

Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons, I like being out of the house, often on my motorbike (sometimes one with pedals too).

Rode the Atlantic Road across Norway recently;

Meeting and advising clients at both ends of life has taught me to maintain a sense of adventure and keep learning and experiencing

Lianne Murphy – Will Writer & Office Manager


I have a varied set of experiences in our industry, my main role was with The Royal Bank of Scotland for over 10-years, within their Invoice Finance departments, where attention to detail is an acute requirement.

I joined Aspen, as I wanted to expand my experience and knowledge within financial services.

My role

During my time at Aspen, the company has grown and I now support the advisers in their various roles. Compliant sales is a very important and consistent process, so I find myself checking files, maintaining our back-office systems and when the advisers behave, I may even bring in breakfast

The opportunity arose to complete a study programme to become a Will Writer within the company. Being offered the opportunity to grow and develop a new role sounded very exciting, so I have helped built the Will Writing and Lasting Powers of Attorney department.

As a working mum to 3-children, I believe that protecting our family lives is really important and enjoy helping other families through the process.

When I’m not working

To be honest, with 3 children ranging from 8 to 12, I am pursuing my other roles (not limited to), Taxi, early morning football supporter, cup cake maker, agony aunt and early morning alarm

When I am not all those things, my main adulting freedoms (in the tiny margin of time available) are keep fit classes and sleep

David Jones – Director – Jones Bower
David new


I have worked in the industry for over 30-years, initially advising across investments, protection and mortgages.  I chose to specialise in mortgages and protection and have run my own company in these fields for most of my career.

My Role

As the needs of my clients have changed during the years and the complexities of investments, pensions and long-term planning have become more complex, I joined forces with Aspen Financial Services to offer my clients a full advice service

Our businesses now provide a great combination for clients that offers access to a great in-depth knowledge and experience to provide solutions to help families and individuals make those difficult financial decisions

This brings a wealth of knowledge and experience within the key areas of financial advice to the group

When I’m not working

I believe it is important to enjoy life and I am a regular swimmer and bike rider

My son is a professional footballer, so I can often be found cheering him on at stadiums across the country

my real passion is music, I play guitar in a band and even give the odd lesson if you ask nicely

Flamingo Financial has a fantastic women only team of advisors. Here to help guide you through the confusing Mortgage, Protection and Business processes. Clients can relax as we take care of everything and make the process of buying a home or protecting your family or business a stress free one!

Empowering you in making financial decisions

Selina Masoumi – Director of Flamingo Financial


12 years ago, I started my career in Regulated Advice. It is all I know in terms of a career, I
didn’t do well at school and I was lucky enough to have stumbled across a job in banking
(Halifax) when I turned 18.

From Halifax I moved to Portman Building Society then the Estate Agent Group Connells / Sequence where
I qualified as a Mortgage Advisor.

When it comes to my job, I have sat on every side of the table. The Advisor, The Customer,
The provider,

I worked for Vitality as a BDM my job was to manage around 200 IFA/ Mortgage advisors to
help them understand Vitality and offer it to their clients. Only 10% of those professional
advisors who people trust to give them a balanced non-biased whole of market offering
would even mention or even consider Vitality.

However, I felt that the world of financial advice is stuck in a rut, I feel that younger clients do not engage in financial planning or education.

It was because of this that I quit my job and risked everything I had to set up Flamingo.

My Role

I want to make Financial advice accessible to everyone – the first-time young mother to the
more affluent established families. It doesn’t matter if you have a pound or million pound
what we offer is sincere genuine advice that is specifically bespoke to our clients. We make it
affordable and offer quality.

Combining Health and Wellbeing with Financial Advice is just another reason why we are so
different to other financial practices. We genuinely care about our Clients and want to offer
them so much more than just products. I want to create a list of services enlisting the help of
local companies to help our clients feel great. Services to include Counselling, Dentists

Alternative therapies like reflexology. Reiki, Acupuncture. Herbalists the list is endless and
also pampering beauticians, aesthetics even hair services.

By using this shared Value Model, it gives local business exposure and clientele and in turn a
partnership enables us as a new business to build a profile and get referrals and win business
that may have gone to other advisors. This is a truly unique offering and with local support
we could all help change peoples lives for the better.

So that’s why I do what I do, and I do it with passion, integrity and from the heart

When I’m not working

Most of my energy has been focussed on building Flamingo and launching the company, networking, meeting with young entrepeneurs

I am working with sixth form students as a Mentor, to empower their thinking, help them understand they can succeeed and teach them the habits they need to develop their careers

Claire Harding – Senior Protection Adviser


Prior to working in Financial Services I spent a number of years organising promotions & events for Radio broadcasters. My favourite event was Party in the Park, where I had to manage an event with over 60,000 attendees

I did do a short stint at a Hearing Aid company, but found myself shouting a lot of the time, which isn’t for me

Since advising clients on their protection needs, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the complex and often confusing array of options available. Having the ability to organise and sift through the jargon and small print has helped clients to make decisions and as I continue my career with Flamingo and Aspen, I am working through a dedicated and structured Adviser Academy, so that my clients can be assured that in an ever-changing industry, the advice I provide is relevant

My Role

I believe I help clients find the best solutions to protect their families and themselves in the event of a death or serious injury / illness.

The financial costs of implementing the wrong (or no) cover, can destroy family savings.  I joined Flamingo, because my clients benefit from a holistic and consolidated approach to planning.

When I’m not working

I haven’t left my events planning days behind completely, it’s just that I do them for myself now. I love eating out and this also means I have had to find a love of exercise!

My tip is to get into your gym gear (that’s the hardest part), the rest then follows!

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