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Protecting, Rewarding and Perks

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Rewarding you through fitness

Whether you invest or protect, discounts and incentives are a key part to add value to your policies.


Whether you are an investor or seeking to protect yourself or your family against illness, death or to attain the piece of mind of Private Medical Insurance, getting greater value from your plans now has new meaning


Understand your health

You will recieve access to Apps that help you monitor your fitness levels, your steps, distance run andso on

You can get access to health checks at regular intervals

My favourite is working out your Fitness Age, which tells you where you are compared to your own age!

To help you maintain fitness levels, many will provide discounted activity trackers, up to and including a new generation iWatch

Fitness Discounts

Reductions in standard fees for:

Virgin Active or Nuffield Health gym memberships

Cycles, running shoes at Sweatshop
Health food discounts from Ocado
David lloyd Clubs
Discounts at Weight Watchers
Garmin, Polar and iWatch discounts



Lifestyle extras 

Tickets to Vue Cinemas and Cineworld (can also include kids)

Weekly free coffee at Starbucks

Money off one, two and three night Spa stays and Spa Days

Discounts at Mr & Mrs Smith luxury and boutique hotels




Hands up who’s feeling undervalued?

  • When protecting your family it pays to put yourself first
  • Over half the stay at home parents in the UK, do not have life assurance

The impact of the death of a parent or suffering a Severe Illness;

  • Alterations to the home or move to a home with no stairs (for example)
  • Childcare costs required
  • Education costs not being met
  • Lifestyle being denigrated (holidays, technology, housing)


The important things often overlooked

  • Why just cover the mortgage – how will you cope with the loss of the income
  • What about recovery – having additional income covered means the pressure to return to work or find a job is taken care of
  • Long-term cover for children’s needs – education costs – college – Uni


Many couples no longer marry or enter into Civil partnerships. If you have life assurance, it will pay to your estate, thereby INCREASING your IHT liability

A Trusts will hold monies for your children until they are old enough to recieve it.  If your partner remarries, without a Trust in place, payouts could form part of their assets

What is the right amount?

Well, let’s start with the WRONG amount – Zero!

Someone once said that they had no life insurance, because they wanted their death to be a real tragedy!

  • Make sure your debts are repaid
  • Make sure an amount of income is replaced either medium-term or long-term
  • Provide for your children’s future costs

This is the basics, from there we can help you create a structured protection plan, that is reviewed and revised as and when relevant


Business Protection

Owners of small businesses, family businesses and share holders are the worst at protecting themselves and their business

Have you considered the following;

  • How are the business shares valued on the death of a shareholder
  • Do you want to have your business partner’s spouse, children or family as business partners
  • Do you give other shareholders and Directors first option to buy the deceased’s family out
  • How will you replacelost income from a senior Director’s death – will you need to employ a replacement

So many businesses do not have an agreement in place that dictates and is agreed by each shareholder as to how the shares will be valued and distributed

All it often takes is a meeting to discuss, agree and then insure the liability through the company

Anything else I should know?


Here’s the sales bit

Our staff and subsidiaries have a wide-ranging experience in Protecting individuals and business owners

Often we concern ourselves with the cost, but our expertise will help you understand the cost of NOT doing anything


Prepare and Prevent don’t Repair and Repent