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The fundamental purpose of creating a Will is a thoughtful and responsible way to spare your family the emotional and financial burden of organising your Estate at the time they can least cope.

Many people do not write a Will, because they feel it is too complicated or expensive.  To this end, we have created a robust structure to help you write and create a legally bound Will

Fixed Price, no hidden extras – £129 per person (£249 mirror for couples)

This is a bespoke service designed for clients, whether or not you have complex beneficiary notices or for estates that are much higher than the current Inheritance Tax nil rate band (£325,000 tax year 2022/23)
Other considerations might be leaving assets to a member of the family who will require financial or medical assistance after your death, nominating Pensions and other policies and protecting your home from the costs of Inheritance Tax or Care costs
We will draft the Will and once you are happy with it, a bound and secure final valid Will is created for you
If you feel this is the service for you, please call us on 020 8943 8121 or email
It is important to understand that we do not charge for additional “sentences” or “Trust wording”, that we see in many of the headline grabbing internet Will writing services.  We will advise you on the best course of action, where property gifts are relevent, provide guidance to your nominated Executors, Trustees and Guardians

If there is one thing I have experienced in my years as an adviser, it is the plain and simple fact that life does not always go according to plan.

I work with many clients who rely on family and friends to take them shopping, to the bank, organise bills etc.  It is no secret that not enough of us make a Will.  Therefore, it is even more unsurprising that even less of us make a Living Will.

Things to think about;

  • If you were incapacitated how would you manage your finances
  • If you could not sign something important….who would
  • If you were in hospital for a drawn-out period, how would you communicate with your bank, utility providers, benefits agencies, mortgage company………and so on
  • What if it was long-term – dementia, incapacity and the requirement of long-term care is more relevant now, more than ever.  You will need someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf

I recently provided guidance to a family, where their elderly Aunt had a fall and was in hospital for 9 weeks.  During this time, the household bills needed to be paid.  They needed to visit the Post Office to get her pension, deposit it with her bank, discuss her care and recovery with doctors and eventually work with the NHS to make changes to her home

The Health Professionals worked with the family and she was released from hospital to home, which was adapted to make sure she could finish her recovery at home with visits from local health and rehabilitation workers.

All of this was made easier and without worry, as previously they had put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

Often looking after someone is stressful enough, without dealing with red tape, organisations bound by Data Protection rules.

A Lasting Power of Attorney provides powers to your Attorneys, giving them the ability to act for you, in a specific manner dictated by you.

You can split the powers you give between Health & Welfare and Financial & Property needs

There is so much on this subject and we have information sheets for anyone who feels that it would be appropriate for them or, indeed, someone close to them